Leaving Roblox Studio, Here is my kinda bad Crater Module


Firstly, This is my first and last post in the forums and
I’d like to thank Roblox Studio for getting me back into Developing.
Sadly, i’d need to move on to unity as that’s the engine i wanna use because
Roblox Studio has many flaws and limits what i can do unlike Unity.
For any new aspiring developers here, i recommend you stay as this is a great place to
learn the basics of developing and scripting.

Skipping to the main point of this post, Here is the link to my crater module:

To use it do:

You have the right to edit the module how you want or do whatever you want with it, It’s really non of my business and i don’t need any credit.

P.S: Been a Roblox Dev for 1 year now.


Sorry to see a talented developer leave the community! Thank you for your contribution.

Few things about Unity:

  • It uses C# (like Java), not Lua
  • I’m not sure about this, but I do not believe Unity provides game servers for free like Roblox does

Of course not, Roblox to Unity (and the rest of the video game industry) is like comparing Lego to building a small house. Ok, ok, not so literally. But just so you know, roblox is actually great in terms of providing enough resources and infrastructure for you to focus on making your game instead of other stuff compared to others (I don’t blame them, it’s near-impossible). That’s probably the reason I’m here.

@HUGENUKERUKUU, there’s a lot of changes you’ll have to face when you switch form roblox to something else:

  • Hosting and server costs (if you want multiplayer)
  • Store fees –
    -Google Play = $25
    -App Store = $100
    -Steam = $100
    -Gamejolt & itch.io = FREE
  • Difficult to “get your name out there” – no easy ads, no #collaboration:recruitment (AFAIK), no simple DevHub tutorials, difficult to meet other developers, and much more
  • Overwhelmingly difficult to learn with little or without experience – development history on roblox is an advantage
  • Hard to adapt to the new environment
  • Engine works very differently
  • Not that good of a corporation-community relationship and communication
  • Much more

Anyways, there goes my “introduction speech”. As they all say, “One journey ends, another one begins.” But development is, all together, one big journey! Most importantly, don’t forget to stay sane and have fun. Wishing you the best of luck!


Goodbye but we all hope that you come back your an amazing developer