Lefty's Roleplay - Update Log

Update Log

Latest Update:

  • Release Date: 17th May 2024

Character Changes

  • Added Endo-01 to the FNaF 1 category as a quest character!
    • You must collect 5 parts of Endo-01 in 1993 Freddy’s in order to unlock them.
  • Added Endo-02 to the FNaF 2 Character Pack 1
  • Added Movie Shadow Freddy to the FNaF Movie Character Pack
  • Added Movie Sparky to the FNaF Movie Character Pack

Map Changes

  • All posters in 1993 Freddy’s have been updated

Misc Changes

  • The FNAF 2 Unwithered Pack has been renamed to the Fredbear & Friends Pack, with Fredbear & Springbonnie moved to the front
  • A basic version of Cinematic Mode has been added, you can access it through pressing M
  • The rainbow name gamepass has been redesigned to use UI gradients
  • Thank you so much for 300,000 visits! To celebrate, an event has now begun! Joining the game during the event period gives you access to Toy Lefty who can be found in the Events section! The event will end in a week (20/05/2024).
  • General Bug Fixes