Legacy lighting using files

Hey everyone. I was just asking, is it possible to get client sided Legacy lighting back using files? Do NOT tell me to turn on compatibility. I want the Legacy lighting. Is it possible to change stuff in the roblox folder on the desktop?

You really should not be considering altering those files. I’m fairly sure it’s against Roblox TOS.

As for your question, to my knowledge, you can’t get it back but maybe you can use something else to get the lighting you want?

is using an older roblox revival aginst the ToS? example: finobe and limbo

You can, but it’s not like other players would see it lol.

It might be possible, but I think the voxel DLLs have different functions than the legacy ones, so the application may not be able to communicate. You might have to replace the whole application, which would invalidate the purpose.