Legacy or Voxel for city construction?

So, I have been working recently on a private project on a fictional country that spans thousands of studs and I am currently working on the capital city and working myself from there on. (The brick, color-varying buildings are planned buildings I will make in the future). I have recently noticed about the Technology property in Lighting, and I wanted to see which one, Legacy or Voxel, is better for my city

Voxel at Night

Legacy at Night

Voxel at Day

Legacy at Day

Just want to get some opinions but, which out of the two looks like it belongs more in a city? My ambient is at 0,0,0.


Voxel, regardless of how it looks. Legacy is going to be removed after phase 3 of Future is Bright is out.


I’ll add onto this. I personally like voxel here better, but it may look too colorful to you if you’re going for realism. If it does, play with the ColorCorrection object for an easy fix. Setting the saturation to a negative value between -1 and 0 should remove saturation.

I also think I heard that brightness 2 (property of lighting) in voxel is like brightness 1 in legacy, though I haven’t tested it myself.


Thanks for the tip! Never knew Legacy was to be removed from ROBLOX though… but I think Voxel is ultimately better.

Read the post linked below for info on Roblox’s plans for the lighting engine.

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Legacy because Voxel makes the clothing too dark


The fact that they named it “Legacy” worries me that it will be deprecated and removed some day. To that thought, I’m trying to stick with Voxel.

I have no proof of that statement though. They might fully intend to keep it around.


Can’t you adjust the brightness in lighting?

I would wish for Legacy to be kept, as it does nullify Neon’s glow. However, if ROBLOX were to implement a disablement of the Neon material’s glow as a property, then I wouldn’t mind much for it to be gone other than possibly old-style games that rely on Legacy.

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Even if legacy is never removed and stays as it is for all eternity, I’d still recommend using Voxel so you can take advantage of new lighting features that will be introduced in the future.


Wouldn’t quite agree with this. I’ve done quite a bit of experimenting with voxel, as I’m leading a city rp project and I develop on a contract basis, often handling lighting, and the observable brightness of a light is up to quite a few different settings rather than just brightness. However, when just playing with brightness, I’d say that brightness 1 of voxel is even brighter than brightness 1 of legacy, as demonstrated in this example of a box with one spotlight inside:



I’d say the big differentiating factor between the two is the contrast and color. Voxel has way more visible contrast and brighter colors, with each setting adding and hindering to realism respectively.


Those two pictures compare spotlights. I was talking about the brightness property of Lighting.

Oh, sorry for the misunderstanding. I just played around with the light brightness and what you said is basically correct. While voxel at 2 is slightly brighter than legacy at 1, it’s not very much.

I realize that this post is probably dead by now, but I’d like to add more to this post.

From what I’ve heard, legacy is being removed late February or early March, so at this point all lighting on new projects should be done on voxel to avoid what I had to do on my RP game and go through all the lighting, changing the values from 20 on brightness to 1 (don’t ask me why it was that high on legacy, I honesty dont know).

Voxel because it provides a realistic glow and ambience in the surrounding vicinity.

I started working on a city project of my own previous to voxel lighting going public. I recently decided to delete all of my placed lighting and rebuild my game for voxel. One of the best decisions I have made.

If you utilize neon correctly, and have your master lighting settings right, voxel is stunning and beats legacy on all cylinders.

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However, on the contrary, voxel is much harder to use. It’s a win-lose, but the gains are (in my opinion) worth it.

Oh I 100% agree it is harder to use. But in terms of visual affects I personally think it is above and beyond the capabilities of legacy.

The problem I have, is developing in studio with voxel turned on…

I need to have Legacy on to be able to make my terrain work! I am a terrain artist, and using the terrain feature outside of legacy (when placing/editing) doesn’t work well…

Hopefully there will be more updates to allow better vision when voxel is being used within studio.

  • For unrealistic/cartoony (“low-poly”) themes, I would recommend (at the time) Legacy. Now that Compatibility has released, I would recommend it over Legacy.


  • Lighting.Legacy (low-poly)
  • Lighting.Voxel (low-poly)
  • Lighting.Compatibility (low-poly

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  • For realistic (“high-poly”) builds, I would recommend Voxel, although Compatibility is not a bad alternative.


  • Lighting.Legacy (high-poly)
  • Lighting.Voxel (high-poly)
  • Lighting.Compatibility (high-poly)

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  • For a dark/eerie theme, I would definitely prefer Voxel.
  • Lighting.Legacy (eerie)
  • Lighting.Voxel (eerie)
  • Lighting.Compatibility (eerie)

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Always experiment by changing the lighting technology. Personally, I would recommend Compatibility for this build, but this is my opinion.