Legend RPG II Updates

Update log for Legend RPG II

Dec. 22nd mini-update:

  • New dungeon:
    -Magma Storage; 1 possible armor drop
  • Limited egg: World tier pet drops only
  • Collectible Shop special offer: buy 1 get 1 extra for FREE (does not apply to any other shops)

Dec. 18th update:

  • Winter theme map
  • New dungeon:
    -Winter Floats (limited event dungeon); 2 possible event armor and weapon drop
  • Community market now loads instantly
  • Receive a free limited collectible armor by playing!
  • Evolution Crystal can now be used on 5 star weapons and armors to permanently increase max level by 5 each time (100% success rate)
  • 10x upgrades are available for weapons and armors over level 10
  • Purchasable currency adjustments
  • XP to level up reduced for lower levels
  • Moved following collectibles out of rotation (no longer obtainable): Dark Champion, Berserker, Pandora’s Actor
  • New collectibles in rotation
  • New sapphire armors
  • Bulk purchases for some limited items
  • Increased XP rates for some dungeons
  • Dungeon coin drop adjustments
  • Removed Anniversary Lootbox
  • Bug fixes

Nov. 21st update:

  • Removed Halloween Shop
  • Gamepasses Sale - some gamepasses’ price has been reduced for a limited time
  • Anniversay Lootbox - available for a limited time
  • Limited Shop - refreshes every 6 hours, to access go to the Shop circle then click limited shop
  • New minigame: Trap - select boxes to earn multipliers, if multiplier goes below 0, the game ends
  • Moved following collectibles out of rotation (no longer obtainable): Battle God, Necroplasmic, Dark General
  • New collectibles in rotation
  • Confirmation when using evolution crystal
  • Some lighting changes

Nov. 13th update:

  • Ended Halloween Event: pumpkins can no longer be obtained but Halloween shop is still open for a couple more days
  • Moved following collectibles out of rotation (no longer obtainable): Red Rider, Geovortex, Headless Devourer, The Immovable
  • New pet: Ghoul/Sapphire Ghoul
  • Different dungeons will give different amount of coins, the higher the difficulty, the higher the chance of coin reward
  • Fixed unable to access guild leader panel

Nov. 08th update:

  • Minigames: rebirth 25+ required, go to bank > minigames
  • Guild rewrite: all guilds should load in when the server loads in, and faster updates (new system SO watch out for bugs)
  • Coins can now be donated to guilds
  • Guild creation now cost 500 coins
  • Fixed guild donations
  • Removed inactive guilds

Halloween Event:
Run time: current time - Nov. 13th (extended because Roblox was down)

How to obtain currency: Killing enemies have 10% chance to drop 1 pumpkin; 20 (25 for VIP) pumpkins will be rewarded every 20 minutes along with gems; and purchase in currency shop

Halloween Shop rewards:

  • Currency: 25 Coins
  • Currency: 60 Coins
  • Extra: Abnormal Cube
  • Title: Ghost Hunter
  • Armor: Ghost Engine
  • Armor: Skull Hunter
  • Weapon: Night’s Rose
  • Guardian Part: Rider’s Badge
  • Guardian Part: Red Hair Tie

General updates:

  • 3 new pets obtainable in eggs
  • New collectibles in rotation
  • “Hide pets” setting
  • New craftable guardian: Dark Rider
  • “Sapphire” tier armors and pets in crafting area, press “?” in UI for more info
  • “Abnormal” enemies: any enemy can spawn as “abnormal” with 2x more health and “ABNORMAL” tag. 5% chance to spawn, 5% chance to drop 1 Abnormal Cube after defeat
  • Overseer (dual axe) is now tradable
  • Guilds that has max member or is locked will no longer appear in “join guild”, they can still appear if searched
  • Leaderboards refresh
  • New code: 65klikes

Bug fixes:

  • Unable to ready up trades
  • Equipped armor appearing weird
  • Unable to join guilds