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Hello. I’m LegendOJ1, a Scottish Roblox player and developer. I’ve been playing Roblox since 2015 and started scripting on Roblox in 2016. I am currently a decent scripter with a good amount of experience. I’m constantly learning even more advanced things. I’ve become somewhat well known in the development community and I’m currently a Roblox Beta Tester. In total, I’ve gained over 450,000 visits on games that I have scripted for.


  • Maximum effort in every task
  • Efficient and easy to read code
  • Scripting with performance and security in mind
  • Maturity and professionalism
  • Work with passion, effort and motivation
  • Be supportive of all other team members


I am currently not looking for work.

The exception to this is if I reach out to you for work, instead of you reaching out to me.

Summer: I am available pretty much all day every day. My commissions may close often.


I have experience in many different fields of development, from user interface to simulators. Below you’ll find a list of what I have experience with, as well as some visual examples below that. Note that not all my work is shown here at this time as certain games want me to keep some things a secret at the moment.

Complete list of things I have experience with


  • DataStores / OrderedDataStores
  • MarketplaceService (gamepasses, products, etc)
  • User Interface / User Experience (UI / GUI / UX)
  • Use of HttpService (particularly Discord Webhooks, Trello & External Databases)
  • RemoteEvents / RemoteFunctions
  • BindableEvents / BindableFunctions
  • ModuleScripts / Dictionaries
  • Cutscenes / Camera Manipulation
  • UserInputService
  • TweenService
  • TeleportService
  • Random Choices
  • Global Leaderboards
  • General Gameplay Programming
  • Knit Framework
  • The new Bubble Chat
  • Rojo & VSCode


  • User Interface
  • XP / Levelling
  • In-Game Currency Systems
  • Daily Rewards
  • Twitter Codes
  • Quests
  • Pets
  • Some Vehicles
  • Some NPC Work
  • Some Camera Manipulation
  • Customisable Settings
  • Interactive Systems (pets, etc)
  • Inventory Systems
  • Sound Regions / Background Music


A list of some of my long-term game projects that I have played a role in developing. Note that some of these project descriptions will be incomplete and added to over time due to me respecting confidentiality and not being able to disclose unreleased updates in games yet.

A Medieval Life

A Medieval Life is a game I worked on with the Brickbattle games team and I was responsible for the programming of a portion of the game systems, as seen below.

Mining System:

Bakery Simulator

Bakery Simulator is a game I worked on by myself for my development group, OJ Development Studios. All the programming, UI design and building was done by me. This project was made for a bit of fun after seeing other games with a similar idea but none about running a bakery.
(this section will be full of systems from the game when it releases in July)

Sunshine Café V2

Sunshine Café V2 is the first project I began work on when Sunshine Café Franchise appointed me as Head Developer in December 2020. The entirety of the programming and UI design in this version was done by me, with the addition of several open source modules, most of which were adapted to work how we needed them to.

In future, visual examples from the game linked above will be added here. For now, please visit the game to see my work.


View some of my User Interface (UI) Scripting Work
Spotlight System

This was made for Soro’s Restaurant Franchise, and was used at some of their awards events to allow the speaker’s messages to be easily seen by the audience. It also prevented each speaker having to receive admin commands which could have resulted in admin abuse.

Custom Leaderboard GUI

This GUI adds a badge next to someone’s name if they meet criteria similar to Roblox’s default leaderboard. This is things like Video Stars, Roblox Admins, and game developers. The benefit of this custom one is that people such as moderators of the game can get their own custom badge.


Typewriter Text Effect

Music Request System

This system allows users to request music to be played through a GUI (also designed by me), and will play it for all players in the game. A Vote to Skip feature is implemented to allow the song to be skipped if the majority of the server have voted to skip. Songs in the queue will be played first but if there are no songs in the queue the server will play some songs so the music doesn’t stop.

Customizable Settings Menu

This menu has customizable settings which automatically save when the player leaves. Their saved settings will then be loaded when they rejoin. If no settings are saved, the default settings will be applied.

Phone UI for City Roleplay Game

For this feature I did all the UI design and programming myself. I think it turned out very well and in the game each of the apps brought up a different menu for a specific thing, similar to the phone in games like RoCitizens. There was also a keybind to open the phone, which brought it onto the screen and hid it away.


View some of my General Gameplay scripting work

Please note that the only examples listed here are ones that are not part of the PROJECTS section above.

Pet System

This pet system allows players to have pets that follow them around, and pet models can be easily added to work with this system. In the example, there is a single button that chooses a random pet to apply to the player, however this could be easily changed to an unequip button or an individual pet selector. The pets in this system are premade and will respawn with the player whenever the player dies. It also uses DataStores to save players’ pet data and spawn the pet they had equipped when they last left the game when they join agian.

Wall Placement System

This system does need some work as it allows you to place walls inside of each other, but it’s still functioning.


This was a quest that I made for a group during the Halloween season in 2020. When a new player joined, the game would prompt them to find all the hidden candy for a special prize. The candy that they collected would update in the bottom right of the player’s screen. When the player collected all 10 candy, they would receive a tool and their progress would save, meaning when they rejoin they would have the tool and would not be prompted to start the quest again.

Cooking System

This system uses ProximityPrompt to allow users to cook food following a specific recipe, as seen with the example below.


View some of my work other work

Automatic Uniform Giver (based on group rank)

Custom Chat Tags


HandTo Chat Command

This was a commission for GoingLimited.

NPC that follows path

This was an experiment with a basic NPC system which makes it walk to waypoints along a path, giving the impression that it’s following the path.

Rank Request Center

This allows users to join a game and request a rank by pressing the button. When the button is pressed, a notification is sent to Discord. The center will automatically detect what rank you need to be ranked to, based on your current rank and gamepasses you own.


Trello Bans Database

This system will update the ScrollingFrame based on the cards and fields of the cards in a Trello board.

Blurred as this shows information which this group wish to remain confidential.

Application Center

This allows people to submit an application for a role in the group. Their answers to all questions are recorded and the application is submitted to Discord as an embed for the readers to review it.


I also have some open source code available. All of my open source code is extremely simple. No credit is required for use of any of my open source code.

View my open source code

Shift to Sprint
System Chat Message
Give Part Conveyor Belt Behavior
Accessory Giver
Full Spectate GUI System

View my free plugins

Auto Anchor (700+ installs)
Developer Tools (80+ installs)
Get Object Path (new release)


I accept payment in both Robux and USD and my prices are negotiable. Prices will be determined based upon the difficulty and size of the task. I expect the final payment to be agreed on before the commission is started and delivered after I have completed the project and shown it to the client.

Payment Information for Commissions

Typically, I charge at least 3,000 Robux for any commission, again, determined based on the size and difficulty of the task. Sometimes I charge less than this price if the commission is easy/quick. I am very honest with my pricing.

Past commission charges have ranged from 1000 - 10,000+ Robux.

Payment Information for Long-Term Positions

On long-term development positions (for big games or groups), I may opt for a percentage of the game/group’s revenue (in Robux). This would of course only be the case if I was offered it.

Otherwise, I charge payment for every task completed, or just a substantial one-time payment. In some cases, the commissioner will offer both a percentage and one-time payment.

Payment Information for USD

I can take payment in USD for both short-term commissions and long-term jobs, however it should be noted that I can only take USD payment through PayPal.


There are a few ways to contact me:

Portfolio is updated regularly as new work can be added.
Last updated: July 6th 2021


Interested. Mitch Pileggi#6969

Commissions have reopened! If you are interested in hiring me, please get in touch via one of the ways listed in the “Contact Me” section above. I look forward to working with you in future. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have worked with LegendOJ1 in the past and he is quite the scripter. He knows what he is doing and he gets it done fast and the job is done right. I highly recommend this user to script for all your needs! :smile:

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LegendOJ1 is a great person that I have had the opportunity to get to know. Based on his portfolio he seems like a great scripter. I’d recommend hiring him for your scripting needs. :smile:

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Would you be able to program some guns? If so, DM me here using Dev Forum Messages.

Do you make simulator game scripts?

Portfolio has been revamped and updated! New graphics and updated work examples are now added. More examples to be added soon! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Pretty nice work! Great work on these examples on your portfolio here! :+1:

I’m interested in hiring you, DMed you on discord! (icee#1204)

LegendOJ1 is an amazing scripter who gets the job done quickly! It’s so amazing how someone can be this fast and good, I am so happy and appreciative to have him.

I’m aware that you are currently closed, but I’d like to discuss a few things on Discord, I added you. Alfred#2100.

Much appreciated,

Hello! I added you on discord if you are still open. My tag is : AAD#6474