Legends of Drakor - Concept Market Booth

Legends of Drakor

As the game has made a lot of progress, surely, we had to add something interesting, right? Well, to everyone’s surprise, we are going to introduce a Marketing System to the game. There are going to be 3 booths that will serve their own purpose within the center of the lobby. The Gamepass Booth, the Trading Booth, and the Community Market.
The gamepass booth will obviously provide easy access to the gamepasses the game will have to offer. The second booth, which will be the trading booth, will be a place where players could make deals. The third booth, which will be the Community Market, will be a place where players will be able to buy and sell their own items at their desired price.

The Booth:

Lobby Trade Center View:


looks clean, never heard of this project before but now i wanna keep an eye on it, good luck with development

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I really like how the cover on The Stand swoops down and covers the back and the top so well. Great work!

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