Legends of Drakor - New Icon!

What is Legends of Drakor?

Legends of Drakor, or simply known to our team as LoD, is going to come out as an online fantasy RPG game where players can work and socialise together to explore the vast worlds of LoD, fight epic battles, craft new weapons and armor, and get ready for an adventure of epic proportions! Legends of Drakor is here to revolutionise the gameplay of ROBLOX and hopefully build a friendly community.

Old vs New Icon

So just recently, we have decided to change our game’s icon due to it being an open world fantasy RPG game. The player makes his or her own decisions, has the freedom to explore, and even create a team! Now, back to the icons:

Old Icon:

New Icon:

Thank you all so much for reviewing our work, we appreciate any feedback!

CE Development Team


The new logo looks amazing! I like the creepy style you added to it! I would give it a 10/10, I don’t see any mistakes at the moment!

Thank you! Your support is much appreciated.

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Wow this is just amazing. I don’t think there are anything to improve right now, this is perfect

Honestly, I enjoy the old icon better.