Legend's Piece New Upcoming One Piece Game!

Owner: LegendOfShotX
I have been made this game by myself
and i am going to keep this game alive
I would be very happy if you share your views with me
Your ideas to important for me
So dont forget to reply
I hope you had an good day/night :grinning:
Please dont forget to Feedback!

Discord server Legend's Piece

----------------------Yoru Ult---------------------------------------------
----------------------Fishman Karate-----------------------------------
-----------------------Dragon Showcase!-----------------------------
-----------------------SS-Combo Extend Slash Barrage!---------

New! ------Yoru – Strongest Slash! + pvp!
-------------Gura Crack Punch!
Character edit is out!

Game Link You can test other stuffs!


Sorry For adding link for Yoru Ult
i am new at posting it keeps fails to upload
Anyone knows how to resovle this?
Waiting for your FeedBacks!
No one Replyed yet :confused:

Animations should all be redone. You may have an easier time with R6. Also, are all of the models yours?

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First of all thx for Feedback I felt that no one saw
Post xD

I cant lie i am not good at animating but I’ll revamp all Animations in game
Hope u had good day / night :slight_smile:

About Models I used some vfx packs and the Dragon model its from King Legacy

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Roblox is down for now so i cant update gamefor while sadly :confused: