Legion Cafe Staff Guide

Legion Cafe Staff Guide

Within this guide you will find the information needed as an employee at LC.


When a customer walks up to order, you need to state a greeting. Make sure your greeting includes a welcome, such as “Welcome to Legion Cafe!”, and introductions such as “I’m Madison.”, and finally asking them what they would like “What can I get for you on this wonderful day/night?” Here is a greeting example:

Salutations! Welcome to Legion Cafe! My alias is Madison. What can I get you on this spectacular day?

Professionalism and grammar:

At all times while working at Legion Cafe, grammar must be used. This includes having proper capitalization and punctuation as well as proper spelling. Be polite to all staff, guests, and customers and be prepared and professional. Do not slack, and goof off, especially not in front of guests.

How to make the menu items:

Cake pops, muffins and cookies:

Walk up to the desired item, and click on it.

Soft drinks:

Ask the customer if they want ice. With ice: get a cup and fill it with ice, then fill it with their desired drink. Without ice: get a cup and fill it with their drink.


Get a cup and fill it with ice, then fill it with the slushy flavouring the customer chooses. Then, take it to the blender and blend until it’s a slushy.


Get a cup and add milk, then add the milkshake flavor. Go to the milk mixer, and hover it until it’s mixed.

Basic Coffees(Regular,Decaf, and Espresso):

Get a cup and fill it with the coffee


Get a cup, fill it with Regular Coffee, add the flavoring, add milk, and then add cream.


Get a cup and fill it with espresso, then add decaf.

Hot chocolate:

Get a cup and fill it with hot water, add chocolate flavoring, then milk. Blend in the milk mixer.


Fill a cup with hot water and add the desired tea to it.


Get a cup and fill it with regular and decaf.