Leigh_ton | Advanced Programming


Hey! I’m Leighton. I participate in various online communities such as the DevForum. Currently, I am looking to engage my development skills by accepting programming commissions.

Please remember that I accept commissions at my discretion, and if I am not interested in your project, I most likely won’t accept your commission.


Under the Acknowledgements section you will find my past experience.

  • Previous Programmer for @Divine_Brigade’s SCP Foundation.

  • Previous Programmer for DataProxy’s Foundation, now a Development Advisor.

  • Manufacturing Department Overseer at @amdy200’s Foundation, previously a Programmer.

  • Programmer at @Civilous’s Foundation

  • Programmer for @Divine_Brigade’s Clone Army

As of September 2020, I have 3 years of experience with the Roblox API.


Here are some showcase games where my work is on display. Please remember that some of my work is private and cannot be displayed.

The work listed here will always, at maximum, date less than 6 months ago.

Part Grabber Game


May 2020

SCPF Development


May 2020

Payment and Delivery

I accept ROBUX and USD for payment. Prices are not predefined and you will need to contact me* for an estimate.

Depending on project size, delivery will take from 3 days - 1 week. I am not accepting large commissions.

You will be given daily updates and access to playtest the product. The product will not be delivered until I receive 100% payment.

Contact Information*

Roblox: https://www.roblox.com/users/66145481/profile
Discord: Leighton#1876

Please do not contact me through the DevForum, as I do not check private messages frequently.


Maybe you could show us some programming examples?

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I agree. I am working on some programming examples at the moment.

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Updated post with better layout and proof of work.

Commissions are open! Looking for work! :slight_smile:

Change the “Graphics Effect” to “Graphics Design” because it makes more sense when there are no effects in designing.

Complete overhaul of the portfolio - over the past few months I have taken up more jobs and expanded my knowledge. Commissions open!

Commissions currently closed due to school exams.