LeMonde | Jena International Airport

Jena International Airport


Jena International Airport is located near the centre of Germany and is LeMonde’s most popular airport.


Once you’ve walked through the entrance of Jena, you’re greeted with a spacious check-in area where you can use our self check-in system to get your ticket for your flight. Take a look at the departure boards which are located around the airport to see the status of the flight and any updates.

Latitude Lounge

Available for our Premium Economy, Business Class and First Class passengers the Latitude Lounge is located just past security. You’re able to take a seat and enjoy a quick drink in the lounge prior to the flight.

Crystal Lounge

The Crystal Lounge offers luxury and comfort for First Class passengers within Jena International Airport. Sit back and relax with premium snacks and drinks. Feel free to take a visit to the spa which is located inside the lounge.

LeMonde Airlines

Willkommen bei LeMonde Airlines!

LeMonde is one of the leading airlines in the ROBLOX aviation industry. This game is a group game and will only be opened if a flight is happening, located in our Calendar. Furthermore, you need to have a rank in the LeMonde Group in order to join our flights.


You must be in the group to be able to attend flights, upon joining you’re ranked to Economy Class where you’re able to attend flights.


Once you’re in the group as specified above, head on over to our calendar where you’re able to see the upcoming flights we have.


We’d like to thank each individual who’s contributed to this project over the years, you’re able to view the full list below.

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