LeMonde | Munich International Airport

Munich International Airport


Munich International Airport is located on the plains of Upper Bavaria, north of the northern edge of the Alps. Munich is the capital and largest city of the German state of Bavaria.


The Munich check-in is spacious and well decorated area, once you’ve obtained your tickets you can choose to go to security two different ways.



In order to get to terminal 2, you’ll be transported on our LeMonde People Mover. Controlled by the flight host, all you do is take a seat and enjoy the ride.


Space Lounge

Our Space Lounge is available for our Business Class and First Class passengers. Exactly like it says in the name, it’s space themed! With various seating options, you’ll be deciding whether to enjoy a fresh glass of orange juice or some fresh fruits.


Terra Lounge

Available for our Premium Economy, Business Class and First Class passengers, this is the perfect way to relax before a flight.


LeMonde Airlines

Willkommen bei LeMonde Airlines!

LeMonde is one of the leading airlines in the ROBLOX aviation industry. This game is a group game and will only be opened if a flight is happening, located in our Calendar. Furthermore, you need to have a rank in the LeMonde Group in order to join our flights.


You must be in the group to be able to attend flights, upon joining you’re ranked to Economy Class where you’re able to attend flights.


Once you’re in the group as specified above, head on over to our calendar where you’re able to see the upcoming flights we have.


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