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LeNaMe Experiments is a Studio with limited liability (GmbH, LLC) owned by three people: Lemon, Nathan, and Meo. LeNaMe Experiments is mainly founded by Nathan, but the rest of the owner has almost the same level of authority.


LeNaMe Experiments was founded by Nathan and Casey from the bland nature of usual games on Roblox. The main ambitions were to achieve a high quality game with diverse storytelling, references, engagement and immersion, and friendliness towards the players.

LeNaMe Experiments is currently still in its maturing phase and the main project is still being developed.


Developer Role(s)
Casey Game Designer, Map Designer, Level Designer, Story Writer, Modelmaking, Character Designer, Screenplay Script Writer, Community Management
Nathan Project Management, Programmer, Video Editor, Music Composer, Animator, Level Designer, Lighting Director, Camera Director, Community Management, Bot Management
Meo Animator, Character Designer, Modelmaking, Terrain, Screenplay Script Writer
Davide Social Media Management, Community Management, Game Tester
Pirgo Modelmaking

Affiliated Entities

Studio, group, and individuals that has worked with us to ensure the creation of assets, quality assurances, and bonding of the community.

Entity Description
Parallel Studios Collaborates with LeNaMe Experiments seeing the potential of Project Rimes. The studio gathers enough manpower and motivation for the project.
Universal Anti-DOR A non-development group on Roblox, but has sponsored LeNaMe Experiments

Special Thanks

Our trailblazers for contributing in testing games and finding flaws.
@Awesomepad @kristophervector


@nvthane, DM open

Casey, Lemon
@naturalemon, DM open

@fabian12534, DM open

Davide, OHS
@oderhunter_slander, DM open


If you have contacted any of us, please allow up to 7 business days for a response. Otherwise, DM Nathan or contact through the server.


LeNaMe Experiments is open for recruitment. Contact either of the three owners in the management. Preferably, Nathan as Casey is inactive.

FAQ and Resources

Social Media, Community, Sponsorship

Contact Davide regarding actions on social media management and community management.
Contact Nathan for community management and sponsorships.

Offenses and Appeals

Exploiting, breaking Roblox’s TOS, and malicious ban evasions are the offenses for example that can get you permanently banned. These statements are applied across the games of LeNaMe Experiments. We encourage you to not engage in the actions if you feel the slightest that it can result in consequences that can affect you.

Moderators usually will have final say. If you believe that you were wrongly banned, please reach out to one of the developers in the LeNaMe Communications Discord server found in the Roblox group’s connections.

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