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Hello there! I am LeRox1825. I’m a GFX artist, Video Editor/Creator, and Logo designer. I have been doing GFX and logos for nearly 1 year now. I have been doing Video Editing/Creating as a hobby for now around 3 years.I have recently also started modeling and slightly Animating. In my time doing GFX here on ROBLOX I have been able to get a lot of experience and whatnot. Some notable groups I have worked/still do work with/for are PaIioxis’ TGR, Quantum_Rezs’ TME and, Valkarius’ UNSC

Some people I have worked with/for


I currently live in Germany which is Central European Time (CET).
I specialize in Star Wars but I can also work with other things.


Simple Renders


Advertisement GFX

Notable Videos

Trailer:Roblox Star Wars: Mandalore! The Galactic Republic

I am available for six to eight hours of work on the weekends During the week I’m available for two to 2-5 hours of work. You can contact me at any time


Pricing is all negotiable. We can begin negotiations once the details for the project are discussed. All pricing will be fair for both sides, second opinions are also available if you’re interested in getting another opinion for pricing.

Payment is preferred with Robux. If you don’t have group funds to payout, something like a shirt can be done, however, ROBLOX does take 30% so that’d need to be covered.

Discord is preferred

Closed - Discord

Thanks for reading! :wave:


Quality work, and works fast. Recommend for anything Star Wars especially!

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Thank you, I really appreciate your words.

Works fast and efficient, highly recommend hiring him!

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Works fast and gets things done on time. A good pick for any star wars or other group looking for quality graphics.

pretty good, but you do have room for improvement, such as not usingthe anime sword thing for your clone assassin program gfx and your white guard gfx, and you should add some more things, for example this one i made for noah’s TME.

add specular to your armor

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I agree with what you are saying, I’m always working on improving my GFX’s editing if you gave me some tips on where to find good effects/How to make the sword effects. Thank you for your comment.

download the ps killer pack, most of the effects on there i use