Lerp or Tween [ ASK ]

Which is better, to do with lerp or tween, for performance , quality , etc.

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Considering that they are both built-in things for developers to use, they are both fine for performance. It really would depend on what you are trying to do, but you can open the performance menu to test out both ways.

If you are worried about the performance side of things, you can pause things like tweens or animations when they don’t need to be played. I would check these things by Roblox:

Can we make like “our” own Performance Stats ?

I mean, I think it is possible in not so direct ways. I just don’t see why you would need to when Roblox gives multiple ways to check things.

Also, there are multiple devforum posts about performance that go in-depth. Simply search key words like “Lerp or Tween” into the forum search bar. There are also stat posts with the likelihood of community made tutorials and/or plugins.

Oh yea do you think it’s better to fireserver or fireallclients if i want to tween to all player

Lerp is for Interpolation, TweenService is for smooth movements, they both can achieve the same goal (smooth movements), but using TweenService will be less painful.

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i would say lerping a Vector2 vs lerping a CFrame has a bigger difference in performance
then tweening vs lerp

and the same for tweening a Number vs tweening a CFrame would have a bigger effect on performance
then tweening vs lerp

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I believe server so players see what others do more accurately, but it depends on the situation. However, I don’t think it matters. If it works, it works.

But for performance it’s gonna be similar? If we’re talking for a low end devices

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