Lerping between Multiple Points of Color3 Values?


So Im wondering on how to do this with Color3 values, where I you Interpolate between Points, I already know How to make a Basic Color Interpolation, like for Example a Health bar, where if the Player reaches a Certain point in their Health, The Color would interpolate it to where its in between Green and Red, like so:

local lerpC3 = function(a, b, t) -- Tweening (or Interpolating) a Color3
    return Color3.new(a.R * (b.R - a.R) * t, a.G * (b.G - a.G) * t, a.B * (b.B - a.B) * t)

local empty = Color3.new(1,0,0) -- when the Bar is about Empty
local full  = Color3.new(0,1,0) -- when the Bar is Full

Humanoid.HealthChanged:Connect(function(hp) -- HealthChanged
    Frame.BackgroundColor3 = lerpC3(empty, full, hp/Humanoid.MaxHealth) -- Interpolated Color
    Frame.Size = UDim2.fromScale(hp/Humanoid.MaxHealth, 1) -- Size

How would I Lerp between More than two Points? Like for Example: If a Player had Full Health, It would be green, but if they gain an Ability for more Health above the MaxHealth, it would transition to a Yellow, and if it were Lower than the MaxHealth, it would transition to a Red.

Would I need to check if the Value is above a Certain amount? or can I do this with by a method of Lerping?


You probably would need to, I would create an if statement to check if it’s above something, if it isn’t then show red and if it is then show yellow

(Also why do you have strange caps? Like:

I’m just curious)

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Maybe, but I kind of want to get more info than just a “probably”.

You would just need to compare Health to MaxHealth - if Health is greater than MaxHealth, lerp from full to the yellow Color3; if Health is less than MaxHealth, lerp from full to empty. I’m not sure if there’s a way to strictly do this with only lerping, but you can certainly do this using if statements.

By the way, you can use Color3:Lerp() instead of writing your own lerp function.

Until I test this it’ll remain a “probably”

Im Aware, but Id rather make my own.