Less particle in game than in studio

I’m trying to make some particle it works all fine until i start the game.
when I start the game the amount of particle decreases

Particles in studio:

particles when i start the game:


This issue has been for many many years, I noticed it at 2019 that Studio always has more amount of particles than in-game. I think it is fixed by setting your graphics as same as in studio (High - More Particles/Low - Less Particles)


By graphics you mean the editor quality level in studio settings ?
Edit: but if i have low graphics in studio and set the particles, the players with high graphics would have more particles right ?


Yes you can change Roblox Studio graphics in Studio Settings.
This is Roblox Studio at High Graphics (Picture Number 3)
This is me with lowest graphics in-game (Picture Number 2)
And this is me with highest graphics in-game (Picture Number 1)

So yes if you make more particles in Studio with low graphics - high graphics players will see more particles than in Studio.


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well, that explains, thanks for fast reply.


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