Let authors reply to their own Bulletin Board posts

But Why?

Well in some cases it may be useful. Here’s an example use case. I’m not too sure about what else to put here. It’d be useful for things like change logs.

But how?

The current system lets new members reply to their own posts in restricted categories such as #discussion. Discourse also has a permission (that is given to Leaders aka sages / some staff) to reply to locked posts.

I can’t imagine it would be very hard to show the reply button to authors. It could also prevent the issue of the posts not locking immediately.

This post isn’t the best, but it’s a pretty simple idea.


Done, only the thread author, TL4 and staff can reply to Bulletin Board topics now and they are no longer auto-locked

DM @Community_Sage to have an existing locked bulletin board topic unlocked


Thank you!