Let people totally cancel their premium subscription or add an "Upgrade" option

Hi I’m Ryxku and 2 days ago I bought the wrong Premium subscription to sell UGC.
Recently I made a bundle and I’m really frustrated to not being able to sell it. I have the money to buy the right premium but I don’t trust the Roblox Support at all.
Some people think I’ll get terminated if I ask to the support to “upgrade” my membership.
So I’m stuck and I believe if I keep uploading without being able to sell, other ugc creators will take advantage and will see similar things that I can’t sell at the moment.
So please add an upgrade button, I spent so many days on a new bundle which got approved and I can’t sell it :frowning:


This certainly sounds new to me, do you have examples of when people got terminated when upgrading their membership?

Could be possible that people requested a refund, which will result in termination.


As long as you go through roblox support and don’t dispute it with your card provider (like PayPal, credit card company) you should be fine


Update : It didn’t work. Roblox Support can’t do anything about it

That’s disappointing, that’s not good that there’s no better way to make sure that your UGC items don’t go off sale aside from cancelling your membership and the moment it experience renewing on a higher tier