Let people upload assets (especially images) in experience

As a Roblox developer it is too hard to create experiences that involve user uploaded assets. In My Movie, we let people create their own videos using assets from the Roblox marketplace. This is a lot of fun, but is ultimately limiting to most users as they do not know how to upload their own images when they eventually outgrow the freely available ones. This is especially true for mobile users who do not even have easy access to the Create page.

I would love if we could let a user upload an image from their gallery, have it go through moderation, for us to then use in our game.

Other experiences could easily use this feature for similar reasons: What if in Adopt Me, you could upload your own wallpaper? Or your own pictures of your pets that you take as portrait frames?


It’s difficult for me to imagine a person uploading an image and waiting up to a few hours for it to get moderated without leaving the session. It feels like they’re better off uploading images the standard way unless I’m badly misunderstanding something here

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This feature request appears to specifically target the fact that many players are not exceptionally literate in the developer portion of Roblox and may not understand how to upload an image / decal correctly.


They might need a better tutorial, that’s all. Even I couldn’t find it sometimes… :sweat_smile:

  1. Moderation doesn’t take hours for me even on new accounts.
  2. Unmoderated assets still show for the person who made them (at least in Studio!).
  3. “The standard way” is inaccessible to a large amount of people. Remember that most Roblox players are on mobile, where the Create menu is not accessible without forcing into desktop mode, going through several submenus, then copying an ID in the URL bar. (CC @Megalodox_Official on why “a better tutorial” isn’t the right solution–the UX is necessarily horrible comparatively if you’re not using it to actually create in Roblox Studio)
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I believe soon, this should actually be a thing with roblox allowing users to create assets in experience, and using dynamicimages this should be possible, since dynamicimages are only a temporary asset, and in a short amount of time as well

If this works with photo gallery/uploading files and it still goes through Roblox moderation, then yes I am happy :slight_smile:

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