Let place creators pin/sticky a comment

I would like to be able to pin this comment or a similar one. Thank you for reading.

Another reason other than anti-spam is to put in something like: “By the way, the latest update was ____ in case you missed it in the description.” or “If you need to report a bug it’s faster to PM me instead of commenting! Thanks”

I’d prefer to see each game get their own mini-forum, but yeah, this would be great :stuck_out_tongue:

If we had this and then a more formal “review” format where comments would be, it would take all the benefits of the current comment systems and iterate them to further efficiency.

Most of the comments on any game I have worked on are people replying to each other, usually discussing or complaining about a particular update/ feature/ player. Without even a proper reply system, the comment section just becomes this incredibly long line of content that you have to keep scrolling and scrolling to see what everyone is talking about.

Forums would make it so that developers can see what hot topics are being discussed, host polls for updates or features, and in general be able to interact with the community.

Groups could also see MANY benefits from features like these, but only with the ability to “lock out” certain sections of these forums to particular ranks.

Maybe there could be a group/ place integration format which allows a simple “Forums” tab on game pages after the place owner “connects” their game to a group. This sort of “connection” would also serve really well with that group games update.