Let players leave feedback when rating games!

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to collect player feedback directly through the main site. Many other platforms and websites today utilize a more thorough feedback system when rating a product or game. Allowing players to directly leave a feedback comment when rating a game would provide for an easier way for players to voice their concerns directly to the developers, especially when downvoting, as many developers can find it frustrating when downvotes occur, yet the reason remains in the air: a game-breaking bug? an annoying glitch? who knows!

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would directly improve communication between developers and players and allow players to voice their concerns directly to the developers.

If this were to be implemented, a system could work like this:
-Player plays the game.
-Player encounters glitch and leaves a thumbs down, a window pops up asking if they would like to leave additional optional feedback, which gets sent to the developer through some median.
-Dev can resolve the issue and better understand players’ dissatisfaction with the game.

Currently, almost all dev studios utilizing Discord to maintain a community have a #suggestions or #feedback channel of some sort, and implementing this can add an alternate form of feedback that:

  1. Doesn’t require joining the Discord server.
  2. Is easily accessible.
  3. Available to all users (including 13 and under) unlike Discord which is a 13+ platform.

Other applications such as Amazon, Steam, Google Play Store not only allow users to leave a satisfaction rating but also an optional comment.

The Roblox game feedback system is minimal and improving it could better serve the dev community.

edit: apologize for a duplicate thread!