Let Roblox make a game

Developer challenges are more a trend now than ever. Do you remember that one?

“Let twitter make a game” seemed to me like a really cool project that complied with one of the pillars for great game-making: listening to the community. A game should either envision the great thoughts of its creator to its extents or be the game people want to play. Anything in between kind of feels wrong; it has been proven by studios, that actively used to listen their communities, switching to an approach more aligned with their interests. In contrast, it is not bad if a creator states from the beginning that it is of their will to keep the game loyal to their vision, which is respectable.

Now, to all of those claimers of the apparent hearing loss that creators happen to have when it comes to listening to the community’s wishes, why not do something fun; why not make a game purely made out of the community’s wishes.

What I am proposing is just a theoretical game that someone, who knows who, could release based solely on ideas proposed by the community. I am not saying I am trying to make this (I tried, but not anymore), nor that we should make it together. My single proposal is for this post to act as a kind of hub for people to post their crazy ideas so that brave developers may some day have the materials necessary for building a game, just made out of our ideas.

Summarizing, you can use this post to comment your ideas, simply put, in hopes that someone will one day accept the challenge of making a game out of it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t think this type of post is allowed (but I’m too lazy to check) but I’m still going to give my commentary and drop an idea in for you:

Playing the Kazoo gives you a power up but you can’t do it that often.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I think this post would better fit #help-and-feedback:game-design-support.

As for a feature, It can rain piranhas.

Pretty sure that this has been done by many youtubers like TheDevKing and such and I am positive that such posts aren’t allowed but anyways here is my challenge:

Make the game be insanely hard with absolutely horrendous mechanics and make it an FPS game.

For example:
You shoot from your back, controls and camera inverted, and such.



Ability to change your gravity.

Make a game blindfolded, having to utilize text to speech.

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Absolutely, that was my bad completely.

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make the microtransactions invasive, but add rewards for how fast you can close the popup