Let scripts read MeshID

I’m trying to get the model scaling tool in my building plugin to work with MeshParts. The method I use to scale MeshParts under 0.2 studs involves copying the MeshID & TextureID into a new FileMesh. However, MeshID is unscriptable, so none of that works unless the user manually copies and pastes each MeshID into a FileMesh. That would be problematic ux for obvious reasons.

tl;dr can we have read access to MeshID?


Seriously why wasn’t this a feature to begin with?!?


I mean, they probably couldn’t come up with a use case that would justify the time+energy spent on implementing readonly.

I just don’t want to have to do this to SBS users.


They said in v2 that meshes would be scriptable.

V2 isn’t exactly around the corner though. V2 is going to take a lot longer than switching MeshID and TextureID (if it’s also unscriptable) from locked to read-only. Based on what I read, the issue was setting the MeshId of MeshParts dynamically, so opening it up to be read should be fine.