Let the image mods zoom in on images they're reviewing

One of the more annoying rules for image moderation is that if you have text (or anything that might look like text) which is too small or illegible for the mods to read, they decline it. They may even decline your image just for being too small (and smaller images are important for reducing bandwidth usage in your game - I shouldn’t have to upscale my images just because the mods don’t have the tools to see them). It’s frustrating when you have a perfectly appropriate image, but you have to edit it even further and/or remove details simply because the mods are unable to read some part of it.

The image mods should be given the ability to zoom in on images they’re reviewing so that they can verify that any small text/small images are appropriate.


I thought Roblox automatically resized every image to 500x500?

It’s only displayed at that size when you’re viewing it on the decal page. The size of the raw uploaded image is never modified unless it’s above 1024x1024.


Ah that makes sense

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I’m a bit confused by this suggestion… can’t anyone zoom in on an image that is online? Even without a dedicated tool.
If that is, in fact, the issue, then, of course, anything to help moderation.

I dunno, I imagine that using the browser’s zoom function might mess up their moderation webpage layout and/or be inconvenient for them to repeatedly press the key combo every time they want to take a closer look at something. For this feature request I imagine them being able to instantly magnify/demagnify just the image itself (to like 2x or 3x view) with one click.

Whatever the case may be though, I just hope moderation can become more streamlined and not need rules like this :slight_smile:


something like this

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I dont understand why this is a violation of the ToS at all. As far as I know downscaled text cant harm anyone if its not readable. I actually got a warning yesterday for an image that had unreadable text. It was a screenshot I took for an image tutorial, and in the background there were some posters hanging that couldn’t be read because they were far away.


The reasoning they’ve used for this is that users can upscale decals in game, making the text readable, but that really seems like a cop out given that the moderators could just zoom in also


Not to mention I’ve seen users who create decals that cut words into pieces, and re-assemble them back together for the purpose of getting around the moderation.

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In the Ro-Racing Community, in particular, this is a big problem as there are contingency decals on race cars. (Small sponsor logos) and generally paint schemes get flagged for these because they are “too small to be read, and uncertain of what they are”

These logos.

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Just a follow up, 4 days later…

Some of my friends upload schemes with the exact same contigs on their cars and they pass moderation.

I have yet to get approval on the past 5 cars I’ve uploaded.
Seriously. We want realism, and realism means we need contingency decals on our cars. Please do something so something as stupid as “the text was unreadable to the moderator” is not a reason to get an asset marked down. That’s about as silly as “I didn’t like it” being a reason a moderator could use.


I also noticed that white small images get auto-rejected more often. I upload nearly all my small images as white so I can use ImageColor3 on them. This could mean that the moderation page shows them the image on a white background instead of a high contrast one like it should. i.e.

Roblox needs to fix their moderation page ASAP. Small images are everywhere in games. We shouldn’t have to delay the release of new features for over a day or two because it’s being bottlenecked by a small image that was rejected and appealed.


Do they use an app or a website?

They could just do Ctrl + or Ctrl - if it were the latter

I think it’d also be good if they could view an image at its original resolution, too, so larger images with text won’t get downscaled lol