Let the Insert Script/LocalScript/ModuleScript actions work while in the script editor

As a Roblox developer, it is currently annoying to have to either right click in the explorer or go to the game window to insert a new script. This is because that while there are existing actions to insert scripts, and I use them frequently, they don’t function while you’re in the script editor.

There’s not much to say about this. I want these three actions to work while I’m inside the script editor:

It impacts my workflow that they don’t. To be clear, you can still insert scripts through the Explorer, but that’s more annoying than just clicking a button in the Quick Access bar or using a keybinding.

If Roblox changed this, it would make me very happy and speed up my workflow.


Hey @Dekkonot, thank you for bringing this up! If you don’t have anything selected in the Explorer while typing in the editor, where would you prefer to have the Script inserted?


I think either disallowing it while nothing is selected or inserting it into a sensible default (ServerScriptService for Scripts, StarterPlayerScripts for LocalScripts, ReplicatedStorage for ModuleScripts?) would be good.

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