Let us disable VR in Studio/Roblox entirely

When you have a VR headset, developing and playing Roblox becomes incredibly annoying. Even when the VR headset isn’t plugged in, SteamVR will pop up despite your settings.

On top of that, you have to unplug it entirely or Roblox just assumes you’re playing in VR. It’s just as bad of a practice as forcing your game into console mode just because you have a gamepad plugged in, so why does Roblox do this?

And then when you wanna turn it off without unplugging the headset, you get this. Rad.



Please yes! This is so annoying, I’ve accidentally lost a bunch of work multiple times before because of this.

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I don’t experience this problem at all. When my headset is unplugged, it never comes up. What headset do you have?

You can always use the VR setting on the Roblox client too, you know…