Let us edit multiple sequence properties at a time

With the beta release of the UIGradient object, I have noticed how tedious using multiple UIGradient objects is when you need to change the color or transparency. Of course this is also a pain with ParticleEmitters and Beams as well.

Since you cannot edit multiple ColorSequence/NumberSequence properties at one time, you need to go through each of them individually, which is quite slow and annoying, especially if you change more than one part of the sequence.

In addition it would be quite helpful to be able to copy and paste these kinds of values, for similar reasons.


Please allow developers to edit multiple sequences at once.
This will save people a lot of time as I currently have to write a function to change them all instead of just being able to select them and change them in the properties window.

I’m really hoping this gets looked into, having to use the command bar to edit lots of particle emitters at once really slows down the process. Right now the only way you can change multiple particle emitters at once is by typing a single number into the property box, but if you want to edit multiple by adding a new number sequence your only option is to use the command bar to do it manually, which takes significantly longer than if the properties window supported the editing of multiple number sequences at once.

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I still encounter times where this feature would be useful to me. I hope this sees some attention.


When I’m working with particle effects attached to props, if I end up needing to change the color of some particles inside these props, I need to delete all of the particle emitters and copy and paste the updated particle emitter back into all of the placed props because I cannot simply modify the colorsequence for all of them at once.

Needless to say this is a very stupid workflow, and I should not have to do this.


Just want to add that this is still an annoyance to the point where I have to hack together solutions with plugins just to edit multiple sequence properties at a time.

It would be so much less tedious and save time working on the metaverse if this functionality was native.

When working with particles, I often find myself needing to change a number of particle colors sequences (non of the other properties)

Doing so manually will take a lot of time and is extremely inefficient. I had to resort to using the command bar to make a workaround:

I hope this QoL feature gets considered and added as soon as possible!


I’m really curious why this isn’t still a thing in 2023. I reported this as a bug a couple years ago and judging by the response, I assumed the staff knew the importance of this feature request.

I’m amazed how sluggish and clunky Roblox Studio is to develop experiences, and how pretty much none of the little things, like this feature request, are happening. It’s just a never ending stack of unfinished beta tech with poor user experience for developers. Oh well…

We need so much more QoL updates.

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Hi developers! Thank you for making this feature request.

I just enabled a change that will allow you to select multiple sequence properties and edit them at the same time. This change also lets you directly set a Color3 or Number value for multiple sequence properties if you’re not actually working with sequences.

I’ve filed an additional ticket to look into copying / pasting sequence values directly from the properties window.

Thanks again!


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