Let us put "Discord" in the Social Link text

Social links are only served to users 13+.

Only those who would be able to join a Discord server would be able to see it.

Strangely, Roblox moderates this:

Please ease the text restriction and let us put “Discord” in the text. Thank you.


Discord in general is a banned word. Just put in “Community Server”


That’s the point of this request though: they literally allow you to link to discord; they call it Discord themselves so let us do the same, if only in this field.


I already got the idea of it, it was more of a workaround of the word


I’m already able to create social links named “Discord”, both under experiences and in groups. Maybe try a different title?



Yeah genuinely I don’t know why Discord is a banned term yet they still promote it around social links. They don’t enforce it when you put “Join our Discord” in game also.

I think the reason Discord is even censored is to stop predators (or toxicity), but why host something that’s literally similar to discord (Guilded, basically discord but Roblox)?

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I called the Social Link to my Discord server “Discord server” today and it worked just fine. I do remember though that a few months ago I tried it at another server and I had to name it “DC Server” because Roblox kept moderating it.
Maybe they have changed it?
Edit: I remember “Twitter” also used to be a banned word but at the moment it works just fine as Discord:

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It’s a Roblox owned site, so they know everything that goes on there

I mean sure, but I really doubt that they really know anything. Roblox Moderation has always been funky.

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The word “Discord” is censored from chat for both Over and Under 13 users, But this sometimes can have a chance of being uncensored from social media links.