Let us reset our profile pictures back to the default

This post was originally made by someone who doesnt have access to feature requests. Anything typed below here was not written by me. (https://devforum.roblox.com/t/please-let-us-reset-our-profile-pictures-on-roblox/2519461)

Don’t get me wrong, I think that custom profile pictures are a really cool addition since it allows players to express themselves without having to spend money.

However, once you change your profile picture, there is NO going back. For some reason, Roblox has completely removed any way to reset your profile picture to default. For most people, this doesn’t matter, but it’s just another legacy feature that Roblox is removing from older players.

For reference, this is what I mean by the “default” profile picture:

And no, the “Default” option in the profile picture settings doesn’t actually reset to the default. It just makes you face forward, which obviously isn’t the same as the picture above.

I’ve been playing since early 2018 and I honestly haven’t minded most of the additions since then, since most changes don’t affect how I’m able to express myself. Sure, Rthro’s weird, but you can choose to not wear it. But when Roblox begins to remove features and stop players from expressing themselves, it kind of defeats the point.

Please, Roblox devs, consider my request. Removing access to old features doesn’t make your platform better. It doesn’t make you seem more “modern” and it won’t impress investors. All it does is make the community even more dissatisfied with the current state of Roblox.

There’s no way that this would be hard to add back. It’s probably as easy as changing the profile picture mode from “custom” to “default”. Just give us the option to do so.


I don’t get it. This function from the Player service has a parameter for ThumbnailType, which allows you to display the picture that you posted above.

As for the Roblox website and forums, there’s quite literally no need to add this feature back. They’ve already done a few improvements to allow players to customize their profile picture, such as zoom and rotation. It’s perfectly fine, and it’s been this way for a while now with almost no complaints. There’s just no use in adding back a feature that everyone has since moved on years ago.

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OP was asking for the default option to actually reset back to the default.

the new profile picture editor isnt even a year old


I do support this, but I recently made a tutorial on how to reset it (had to copy paste cuz offline drafts)


Honestly I really want to reset my profile picture to default as well. I’m not sure why but the old default profile position looks really good, neutral, etc. A customized profile picture can express more about the person, but if I don’t want to show anything at the time, or just for the sake of nostalgia want to set my profile picture to default, that would be amazing.
In the Avatar editor, at the “Outfits section” all outfits save with the same old position, which means, it’s still being rendered.

Using the “reset” option in the phone app won’t fully reset to default, and will be something like this:

meanwhile, the outfits show the old one:

I’m unsure why roblox chosen not to allow us to fix/reset our thumbnail, but would be an amazing feature to bring. I have many friends that regret setting a custom profile picture because they can’t revert it.

With this said, please, bring us this small little feature, as an option for our profile pictures too, it would make a lot of souls happy!


yeah this please🙏
It’s kind of dumb how changing the camera is irreversible without any sort of warning before doing it.


Incredible that this wasn’t a thing from the start.
The solution for the developers would be pretty simple, just add a button that would wipe the Thumbnail array for a player.

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I’ve moved this to a bug report instead, since this is likely unintentional behavior


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