"Default" button on Profile Picture editor resets full body shot thumbnail incorrectly

When you reset your profile picture back to the default using the “Default” button on mobile, your full body shot is reset to the default headshot positioning and zoom. This is different to that of a brand new account.

Here’s two examples. The left being an account which has used the “Default” button and the right being a brand new account.


[R6, which has the most noticeable difference]

I’d also like to note that your outfits will show the CORRECT body shot

Meanwhile, this is what is displayed on my profile.

Expected behavior

I expect that pressing the Default button will return my full body shot AND my headshot to their original states.


My profile is forever ruined because of this : (


Bumping this, because this needs to be addressed, and also because I want to mention that it also resets the headshot thumbnail incorrectly as well, not just the full body shot.


Yeah I was testing out my profile picture today and the “default” setting has the camera positioned higher than it was before, now I can’t change it back :melting_face:

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I got the old headshot thumbnail back with code but you can’t get full body, only works on r15, and doesn’t work with other accessories besides ROBLOX Visors.

edit: you can somewhat get the fullbody angle with the claymore sword and also setting thumbnail type to 2 and rotating the angle to 27

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  • The fov is insanely ugly and low making it look unsmooth
    the only way to get a higher fov back is to like to use the GitHub gist thing code GitHub. if they didn’t patch x rot deg u could have completely restored ur angle.

Bumping so that this can be fixed as soon as possible


Probably won’t considering how much they’ve been pushing “Innovation” recently.

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What does innovation have anything to do with a clear bug


Bumping this, there’s not enough people talking about this issue. I personally find it to be one of the most frustrating unaddressed issues with the profile emotes feature. The true default camera angles that brand new accounts get when they sign up should be something people who have equipped the profile emotes should be able to go back to if they wanted to. I’ve been told by many people who’ve tried this feature out that they had no idea they wouldn’t be able to revert back to the true default avatar headshot, bodyshot thumbnails, and pose as there’s no official warning when applying it to your profile. The feature was a very nice addition to the Roblox platform, but I believe not being able to switch back to the original profile pose and thumbnails is a huge customization oversight or possible unintended bug even. Please fix this Roblox!


This account has never applied a custom profile emote. Meaning, it has the true default headshot thumbnail that every account has when it signs up. Notice how it looks proportional. Everything appears to fit quite well in the camera view.
Screenshot 2023-11-19 041827

This account has previously applied a custom profile emote and clicked the current “Default” button. Notice how the avatar’s head gets pushed down by the height of the hat and overall makes the headshot look disproportional. Everything appears really cluttered in the camera view.
Screenshot 2023-11-19 041827 2

TLDR; The profile emotes are a wonderful addition to the Roblox platform, but there needs to be an option to officially go back to the true default pose and camera angles.


i think i got my profile picture to look too old and got the one before the dec 2020 update LOL

also how did you get the true default angles? or did you just never change em

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What was the code you used for the full body and headshot pictures?

This is my holder account for a group, so I never changed it on this one. But I am affected by this issue on my main account.

do you mean the old 2020 one or the current true default front facing one

old 2020 one

Bumping this again, gonna keep on doing so until a Roblox staff addresses this issue.


bumping cause this bug is so annoying


this needs to be reviewed ASAP.


Hello, any chance an engineer can get on this?