Let us see Comparison benchmarks for experiences

Right now, as a dev/business person trying to launch a new game, I have no idea what I am getting right or wrong in terms of benchmarks, especially for things like daily retention and ARPV. I am especially feeling blind on expected return on ads, and expected return on sponsorships.

What I would like is for roblox to show me these stats for games I might be comparable to, (not just the top or an average), across a wide variety of CCU, so I can tune my expectations better and set realistic goals to improve towards.

Like, I would like to know, for a simulator with 500 CCU, what the average retention is like, what the average user is spending, what the spend per visit should look like?

For ads, which right now feel like a huge money sink for little benefit, can I see how other comparable games sponsorships have gone (how many robux per visitor is good? Can you show me successful icons and ads?)

And then maybe the same stuff again for +1000 ccu games, +2000 ccu games etc, because my end goal is to grow the CCU of my game.

I also don’t think it’s useful for me to know what the ultra successful games are doing or site wide averages. :slight_smile: