Let us take code from previous script versions

At the moment the script history/commits/Diff Result system is not very useful because one of the key use cases in having version history is not well supported: being able to restore code from previous versions of a script.

In the Diff Result view you cannot select or copy text at all, so the only way diffs are able to assist developers in this use case is by visually inspecting and manually transcribing code from an older version.

There is also no way to restore an old version of script. It has to be done by manually undoing all the changes applied since that version.

At the very least, having access to the full text of a particular version (in a format that can be selected and copied) would be very useful.

Without this support the script history system is almost useless. We’re better off just saving lots of .rbxl files, because at least then we can easily access and copy the text of a specific version.