Let's feature more designers



Oh right, catalogue items don’t have a thumbs up/down rating yet… that would be useful.


All items will go through moderation, if they remove copied hats I’m going to be very upset.


I support this so much.

I feel like roblox should really have a manual front catalog page rather than automatic, where they showcase the latest creations made by the clothing community. Maybe even a catalog recap, or an ‘In Case You Missed It’ where they show off new items made by roblox and by the community, and eventually, for UGC.


I love this idea! You should really make a suggestion about it on a new post :slight_smile:


I’ve updated the forum post explaining how horrible copying has become. Please read it if you may. :slight_smile:


if your data is right, it seems that i picked the wrong line of work


What do you mean?


yeah seems like a easy life to be a clothes group owner


It’s not being a clothes group owner that is the problem. The problem here is it’s all copied.


There needs to be a solution to copied clothing, or at least some sort or repercussion. I’ve seen people be banned for copying big games and sending them off as their own, so why can’t there be the same repercussions for clothing? These developers spend hours of their time working on art to make money off of them, and it’s extremely terrible when people simply take their work with a template from the clothing. We need to look into finding someway to combat this or to crack down on the people copying these clothes.


Completely agree that the clothing catalog needs a complete overhaul


Is this referring to Anthro…?

I remember this thread from awhile back, good to see that its still being commented on since its something Roblox definitely needs.


Apparently, this user has found a way to rid of copied clothing:

All it really seems this user is doing is just emailing info@roblox.com and then providing proof that you are the original creator of the said item.


That only would work for clothing that is copied only once, and bots continually copy clothing from both users and other bots, causing there to be hundreds of copies of stolen clothing.

It’s a partial solution for well advertised groups that sell stolen clothing, but not for the cases where a bot is running literally 100 clothing groups and filling each group with ten thousand+ stolen clothes


That does not work for everyone.

I’ve emailed Roblox with proof of my design and all they did was apologize…

It’s funny, because the person misspelled ‘shirt’ with ‘shit’

so the email went like this “We’re sorry your shit got copied…”

It’s too unfortunate I no longer have the screenshot. Haha. How often does Roblox misspell their copy and paste emails? :thinking:

If anyone attending RDC could voice the clothing issue during the Q&A, that’ll be great!


I apologize for the late response, but I feel it’s important to let you know this.

When you search for a certain theme on the catalog, let’s say… Red.

It doesn’t come up. lol.

The catalog is SO infiltrated that you cannot even find what you are looking for. So many people who upload content on the catalog put tags in the description that don’t even match the theme of the item.

If you still don’t understand, let’s look at Instagram. Imagine if everyone uses the hashtag #dog but they are posting pictures of horses, hair dryers, blankets, and rocks. When you search up #dog, you aren’t going to find straight up pictures of dogs. That is what the situation of Roblox is right now.

So, in conclusion, yes. It does make sense to feature clothing.


P.S Instagram uses an explore page that features all around content that is based off of the content a user likes! It’s an amazing feature everyone enjoys. I would love to see that integrated on Roblox.


It would be nice to feature clothing monthly, similar to how the featured game sort works.

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