Let's say I make a strategy game

I love these types of games. It’s just… There’s not enough of them in Roblox and that’s very weird considering these main games like the TC series and Rise of Nations do very well and have a large number of players investing their time on them.

I’ve been planning and sketching some ideas for a varied strategy game. What I mean for varied is that it won’t be just your average war strategy type of game but with other scenarios like medieval or ancient.

What I fear is that, by the time I eventually finish it… Will there be players willing to invest time in these types of game anymore? How do you guys see strategy game’s lifespan in the future and is my idea somewhat interesting for you guys?

Thanks in advance. Any comment, suggestion, opinion and idea is welcome.


Of course there will be people willing to invest their time into your game!


I think people will always be willing to play skill and strategy games

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Oh yeah and make sure to like run a group and make advertisements for your group and game if you want to go big.

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I’m not that smart, so I’m going to ask you this. How did you make the question and post it in the forums? Because I have a few questions myself.

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Oh, heh. Go to the Game Design Support or any category page and there will be a + New Topic right under your pfp (Profile Picture)

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I’ll take the advice, thank you!

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I hope so! I’ve always liked strategy games, so you’ll probably have me playing it! (hopefully others have always liked strategy games too)

I love strategy games and, there IS a place for them on roblox. Just not a big one. Most people playing roblox are younger children and they just want to get easy kills and thats it. Strategy games wouldnt work as well on roblox because of that and because of other reasons, they are often overlooked too. You’d need a team and people actually passionate and dedicated about the project. Hopefully you get a good strategy idea and it becomes successful.

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