Let's talk about RPG's... | My opinions on this genre

Hello DevForum,

I would like to give my opinions on RPG’s in this thread, and why it’s not a very growing genre in the Roblox community. I will be going over the hardness of making MMORPG’s, and RPG’s and much more.

Introduction of this thread.

Despite RPG’s being a heavily being a really good genre, there’s only a few of them out there.

In the Roblox community we don’t see many RPG’s. I believe this is because the genre is becoming less, and less amusing to players. Without I understanding why, let’s go over some of the tough difficulties of making an RPG.


RPG’s and MMORPG’s are great and time consuming projects to take on. These projects can take up to months and months to get out to the public. They are a very hard games to make that’s why I believe their isn’t many.

Of course the RPG topic is still a thing, there’s an active audience for it, but it’s not a really big growing topic.


I’ll be going over really why there isn’t much of an audience for this genre,

Roblox over the years has had RPG’s, including Vesteria, and some others. On a daily bases most RPG’s don’t have a very good playerbase. Players usually spend their time in simulators, or a gun game of some sort.

This has come to my overall opinion why RPG’s don’t get a very good audience.


I’ll be going over the hardness of making an RPG. I have already mentioned something about this above, but I’ll go over it again.

I have had a past experience with making an RPG. It’s very hard, for the developers out there that take time to make RPG’s, it’s very time consuming to do. Hours and hours a day have to be spent to make a really good RPG. When I made my RPG it turned out quite terrible considering I was taking like an hour a day to do a little bit of this and that.

And you have to have a pretty big team that are active to help you. Unfortunately, when I made my RPG I had me and another person so my RPG had ended pretty fast.

I discontinued my RPG after realizing that I didn’t have the knowledge to do the scripting I needed done for the game, and I didn’t want to hire anybody, but that was a little while ago.

The ending of this thread…

So honestly, I think this raps this up. I will probably do a follow-up on this thread in the future when I have a little bit more time to write.

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