Lets talk stairs

Stairs in my vision are at times extremely painful to make, am I the only one? They’re like my kryptonite.
Share your experience on stairs, what are the correct sizes and positions, pictures and all;

Let’s talk stairs, shall we?


:joy: I hope this topic starts some interesting conversations!

For me personally, I haven’t really had any difficulties in the past with stairs. I’ve honestly probably given them less attention than most things. I just make them about as high as half a robloxian’s leg, and as many as I need to get them to where I intend.

To make things easier for matching stairs with a second floor room for example, I would create the stairs before placing the floor, so that it is simpler to match the top stair with the upstairs floor. That way I don’t really have to think about how big each step is so that it seamlessly aligns with the floor I’m trying to get the player to.


When you hope nobody notices the inconsistent increments hahamyjokesarefunny


I tend to go to the model tab and set the increment there so it’s easier

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Agreeing with @Formeru, I just always end up with an inconsistent increment and I think it’s because of the weird rotating. I try and stay away from them.


I don’t know what it is, its just that some times they’re too short and too step, and the other time they’re too long and less steep. Any tips from dem pros?*

I think, as with anything, iteration is your friend here. It shouldn’t take too long to tweak their sizes a few times until it feels just right.


Honestly, after nearly 12 years of creating, stairs remain the single thing that takes the most amount of time for me to complete.

My biggest tip is to make the steps at most 0.8 studs high from the previous.

Why? Well any edge more than 0.8 studs that hits a player’s leg at the default scale, can sometimes read as a “climb” making the animations not know what to do - which creates this weird hopping. Here’s what 1 stud steps look like:

It’s not really noticeable, but it happens

Here’s 0.8. Much smoother.

Better yet, however, is to fake it by turning the stair’s collisions off entirely and add an underlying collision part angled to match the stair’s slope:

However, I’m curious what other solutions devs have tried. Surely these aren’t all you can do!


I forgot about making a ramp with CanCollide false steps! Great suggestion!

My builder has done this in some of our games where we had issues with the exact climb/step animation issue you mentioned.


i make mine in Blender, there are some add ons in preferences that really help. And simple stuff that lets you learn Blender. :slight_smile:

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I always use the invisible ramp.


Honestly I haven’t had any problems with building stairs unless if the stairs were extremely huge and needed a lot of details.
Preferably, I make my stairs hover is a way:
In the photo above, the stairs are attached to the wall and supported by wires hanging from the ceiling.

I normally make the original block’s height 0.3, and then I’d copy that part. Once I’ve gotten my second part I move that block behind the other then I move that block up creating a hover effect. After I have a few blocks placed in their positions, I group them then I copy and paste. If you want you could add a rail or supporting strings.


Some stairs aren’t straight, they start out big at the bottom and eventually get smaller but not tiny. Making an invisible ramp to help travel up and down the stairs, as well as using a normal-sized dummy to help with proportions like the railing.

Example of stairs I made:


I tend to just build a invisible ramp over stairs.


Sometimes it’s a lot of trial and error. You need to find the best and closest solution to your liking. I personally love to make steps with tiles above, it helps visually and in the back of your head it works just about right.

An example:

Also just as @Aotrou mentioned, an 0.8 increment is more or less the epitome of smooth stairs, as-well as adding an invisible ramp that you go up on (But that doesn’t work at some times, just because of aesthetics.)

Again, this is trial and error you are not expected to make something perfect in 1 try.


Mine aren’t the best, I just do one stud per one stud so it’s easy to make.

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Make a stair, it doesnt matter what size, position etc. Then you place a invisible wedge over the «fake» stairs. Voila: a perfect stair case. Doesnt need to be a wedge but you can you a normal brick and rotate it… hope this helps🧐

Yeah but it’s unrealistic! Stairs need to be realistic

Making stairs takes forever for me to make. I never even thought about the invisible ramp after all this time :expressionless: