Lets Treasure Hunt | I would like some feedback on my game!

Howdy folks! Tiny Toad Games has been working on a game called Lets Treasure Hunt for a little over a month now and were looking to get some feedback on the game in its current state.

How to Play
The goal of the game at the moment is to explore the map and find buried treasure! Although in the future there will 4 ways of getting treasure. As of now there is only one way to get treasure. You can accomplish this by going to the item shop and buying a shovel, once you have bought a shovel, go to the treasure shop and buy into a treasure hunt. You can then use your map to give you an idea of where the treasure is! Once you get to the general area of the treasure start digging!

Key Gameplay Points
Once youve got a chest bring it back to the treasure deposit to get your coins!
There is an upgrade shop, this is where you can upgrade your skills!
Items in the item shop increase in price based on durability and nothing else, similar to Minecraft.
You can use teleporters around the map to quickly teleport back to the main area.
You can also buy coins from the coin shop!

Things I am Aware of
I know that the premium, invite friends, gamepass shop, and main area teleport dont work yet. I am still creating there UI.

The game is currently a walking simulator until I get the teleporters finished, you will in the future be able to pick where you want to teleport.

I am working on creating the treasure deposit but I havent figured out how I should make it look, any ideas would be great!

There also is no music just yet.

Thanks for Playing
Hopefully you enjoy the game, even in its current state :joy: If you didnt please let me know what you didnt enjoy. If you did enjoy it I would still love to hear feedback, a game is nothing without its community!

Game Link


Oh my! :astonished: That is some really great game! I think bubble chat should be added so players can talk to each other. (unless bubble chat isnt necessary in the game) I do think this game will turn out very popular, nice work! :smile: :+1:

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A couple of notes after trying the game:

UI/UX and Bugs

  • The UI differs in style between cartoony (the map item) and a more realistic look (the coin counter). I would advise sticking to one.
  • I was unable to access the shops after resetting, and it seems like I lose my inventory+coins as well.
  • There is literally 0 reason why I should have to reach across my entire keyboard just to switch between the map and the shovel to figure out whether or not the area I’m digging in is within the zone.

Game Design

  • You need to know your audience - are you aiming for kids? Teens? How wide are you trying to go for?
  • The reason why I ask that is because if you’re targetting for kids, faster gratification (getting rewards) would greatly help. Having to walk over to the store, pick up a shovel, then wait for money, then purchase a map…it’s too much.
  • In general, the gameplay is really confusing and I nearly quit before reading the original post to see how to play the game. A tutorial would greatly help in easing your players into the gameplay loop.
  • An indicator or something that helps guide me in the right direction after I reach the dig site would help a lot. I don’t know how big the chest is, and whether or not it’s in the center or around the edges. The animation takes a couple of seconds and it’s mildly frustrating that I need to excavate the entire region before finding what I need.

Overall, I think that the concept is good, but needs a couple more tweaks before I would consider it fun to play. The buildings and trees/bushes are nice, but the main issue here is the gameplay. Good luck with development!

yeah, something for people new to the game would be cool. maybe they could add a tutorial

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You should change the color of the moon on the clock to a nice grey color so it’s more obvious.

Also my map doesn’t work aswell.

What I liked:

  • The idea.
  • The UI.
  • The building style.
  • The smoothness.
  • When someone just starts out, they should get a better idea on what to do, tutorials are the best to solve this.
    (That’s all the tips I have for now, I’ll edit when I got more :slight_smile:
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Yea I can see that I will definitely need a tutorial. The map wont work until you buy into a treasure hunt :slight_smile: