Let's Vote! (solo dev project)

Let's Vote!

What *is* Let's Vote?

Let's Vote! is a game based around weekly competitions, developed by me.

How it works:

Every week there is a new category of vote, with voting being open all week. You can vote once every 24 hours, and can also buy votes with Robux. The idea is to see which side the community likes more.

Link: [Let's Vote!](https://www.roblox.com/games/12434756638/Lets-Vote-PRE-ALPHA)

Keep in mind this game is not released fully yet, so bugs are expected.

Feedback Helps!

All feedback is *greatly* appreciated and helps the game get along in the development process.


The game is currently in Pre-Alpha, so bugs are to be expected. All advice is listened to and appreciated. The alpha version should be releasing soon, with Beta close to follow. 1.0 release is expected to be in around a month or so. -Zozaf100


I look nice in the visuals but I think you could add a little more stuff so people will stay.


What else do you suggest I add? I don’t want the game to be a mindless cash grab game, but I also don’t want people to leave after voting. I was thinking maybe to add gold votes every hour for premium/all players?

Maybe like little minigames that well that you could earn more votes with? I mean that is kinda unbalancing a side… Or like quests, ex. vote 5 times and get an extra vote! Or let the players make their own question people could vote on.

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(This comment has been deemed not important if you want to ruin your game, continue with caution -GPS (Game Protection Service)) I also recommend using more variety in trees and landscape for more atmospheric affect, maybe little easter eggs, scavenger hunts, anything that would keep players longer.

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I suck at modeling lol, but I can try to find some more trees. I’m thinking for the first update to add effects if u vote with many gold votes at a time (like pls donate), and making like secrets all around the map and live events too maybe. Thanks for the help!

It’s an interesting idea (although I’d much rather NOT perpetuate the fallacy of only two-sides to an issue).

I got stuck in not being able to do much unless I spend robux to buy votes (which I think is moraly dubious if this is being framed too close to the red/blue politics of the US).

Take a look at Roblox’ LevelUp series where they talk about the problems with pay to win and the alternatives to not asking players to use hard money (aka Robux).

Nice touch on the NPC’s shouting things but I wonder if instead of being brainless cries, if they could actually be pitching to issues to be voted on.

Having said that, keep it up and good luck! Feel free to message me if you want further reviews as I know how hard it is to get feedback for new games.


I’ve been having some sort of a dilemma on what to do with free to play players. The red vs. blue is currently a placeholder; when I fully release the game with advertising and stuff I will change it to most likely a comparison between two brands/ roblox games/ random things. Think splatoon splatfest, that’s what I was trying to go for.

EDIT: I have the npc’s in place to create like a vibe of like ‘The decision relies upon you’ and also to create more of a real-life situation where everyone has their own belief.

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