Letter regarding cancellation of Avia's Airlines flight cancel

Letter regarding cancellation of Avia’s AIrlines flight cancel.

Dear loyal passengers and respected staff members,

The incident today was very unfortunate and I deeply apologize for this accident on behalf of the Avia’s Airlines HR and SHR team.

The crash was unexpected and occured in a form that was uncalled for. The plane suddenly ‘’disappeared’’ at the cruise pad. This could have been possible due to exploiting. However, it could have also been a plane issue. We are trying our best to amend this and keep a friendly and error-free environment on following flights.

One of the reasons could be the cruise pad itself. The cruise pad may be having issues. So, by the next flight, expect minor development changes in Grendelburg Regional Airport. So as to minimize the possible issues during the flight, we will renovate the airport. This, however, does not mean that you should expect a WHOLE NEW airport, just expect a few changes. We will work more on the interior and minorly on the cruise pad, runway etc.

Alas, I deeply apologize for this tragic incident, and I hope to improve all operations in future flights. Thank you for taking your time to read this, have a fine day.


Owner and Founder of Avia’s Airlines.