Letter variations in usernames

I dont know if I am being far-fetched here, but I would love to see letter variations, like á, é, í, ó, ú, and others being able to be used in usernames. I know it would probably never happen because of all the namesnipes, but I would love to get Oisín as a username, as Oisin is taken. :stuck_out_tongue:


Unicode isn’t generally (if at all) supported in usernames, and the fact that API elements - largely Text - don’t support it either make such a feature impractical. :confused:

I think this demonstrates exactly why this should not be a feature regardless of how easy it would be to implement.

I’d rather not people be able to impersonate others more easily.


Though, I do believe ROBLOX needs to start coming up with a way to recycle usernames and group names. These things are becoming scarce. I don’t want to be DogLover6 just because DogLover hasn’t logged in for over 10 years and never logged on for more than an hour when they “played” (not a real player).

Similarly, I don’t want to have “Epic Pwners 2” just because “Epic Pwners” is locked up with zero members and pending only.


Although it seems to make sense (and looks pretty cool), I don’t think it’s been implemented anywhere really, due to problems mostly related to programming.
For example, it would be impossible to make an in-game script that controls your “Oisín” username (such as an admin script with a String table).
I almost forgot to mention the filter bypassing it can cause (people putting ´ lítérálly évérywhéré).
I say it’s too much of a nuisance.


One example of it being abused. It’s a bit scary.


Yeah, this is what I was afraid of.

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It should be fine if it’s treated like the same usernames with different casing. For instance, someone can’t make an account named “echoreaper” because my account is named “EchoReaper”, but as the owner of the account, I could change my name to the former if I’d like. If these accented characters were treated similarly, asimo could use asimo3089 without the accent, or asimo3089 with the accent, but nobody else could use either.