Level / Stage Ideas

Hey everyone! :wave:

So at the moment I’m currently working on a obby game where your movement is controlled by roblox voice chat. e.g A whisper would be a slow walk and a shout or louder noise would make you go faster / or jump.

I have got the movement down and now I’m struggling for unique level ideas/concepts so any ideas would mean a lot.

I would just like to say the player is locked moving in one direction so please keep that in mind (forward only)

Perhaps and area where there is a blind monster patrolling about.

Because it’s blind, it only attacks players who are speaking over a certain volume.

So players either have to progress through the level slowly by whispering, or can risk it by shouting at times when they think the monster isn’t close enough to hear them.


I love this idea thank you! Reminds me of SCP-939 the issue is figuring out how to code it now