Level-Up: Brand Partnerships and IP Games Roundtable ft. Toya, The Metaverse Team and The Gang

In Level Up roundtable events, top Roblox developers discuss the game design best practices that contribute to their enduring success on the platform. Viewers are invited to learn from the experience of these developers and apply their insights to their own games.

Brand Partnerships and IP Games Roundtable

Have you wondered what it would be like to partner with a brand to create a new game around a popular intellectual property (IP)? Join us for a roundtable discussion with members of Toya (Miraculous RP), The Metaverse Team (Nerf Strike) and The Gang (Angry Birds) as they share their insights and experiences.


:arrow_forward: Watch the Brand Partnerships and IP Games Roundtable

  • Introductions
  • Branded experiences and IP games
    • The benefits and challenges of partnering with a brand/IP
    • Goals and priorities for devs considering a partnership
  • The partnership process
    • Connecting with brands/IP holders
    • Deciding if a partnership is right for your game
    • Integrating a brand/IP into an existing game
    • Designing an IP game from scratch
    • Iteration and approvals with a brand partner
    • Launch and post-launch support
    • Evaluating the success of a partnership
  • Wrap-up and final Q&A

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Oh nice, this is a good resource to help me with IP.


It’s really great to see that Roblox continues to make partnerships with other game creation companies. Quite nice!


Roblox being King Arthur and the others being knights of the Roundtable? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Show them the Metaverse! @Roblox


Would’ve really preferred some advice & perspective from more indie-esque developers on obtaining and managing brand deals. Companies have people to get to brands as their job. When you’re an indie dev trying to reach out, it’s a lot tougher figuring out what your best avenue is to get connected & how to sell yourself, because you aren’t selling a company.


Love the resources present in this event :wink:

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