Level Up: Designing for YouTube Engagement Roundtable ft. KreekCraft and Wonder Works Studio

In Level Up roundtable events, top Roblox developers discuss the game design best practices that contribute to their enduring success on the platform. Viewers are invited to learn from the experience of these developers and apply their insights to their own games.

Designing for Youtube Engagement Roundtable

In this Level Up Roundtable, YouTube star KreekCraft and Wonder Works Studio developers WonderWorksZach and JoshWWS1 (TIMMEH, Overlook Bay) discuss designing a game for YouTube engagement. Learn what influencers and developers offer each other, what YouTubers look for in the games they play, and how to forge a mutually-beneficial partnership.

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:arrow_forward: Watch the Designing for YouTube Engagement Roundtable

  • Introductions
  • The YouTuber’s Role
    • Goals and processes
    • Choosing a game to play
  • The Developer’s Role
    • Designing for YouTube engagement
    • Connecting with YouTubers
  • The YouTuber/Developer Relationship
    • What YouTubers and devs offer each other
    • YouTubers/Developer/Community interaction
    • Building a mutually-beneficial relationship
  • Wrap-Up

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Definitely happy to see youtubers coming out in episodes like these, and seeing developer and youtubers working together, considering tensions between the two in the past.


It is nice to see developers working together with content creators.

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This video was really helpful for understanding the importance of marketing your game and how to go about it. A thing to mention is that these tips aren’t a Roblox only thing, which is why I loved Wonder Works Studio’s input on things here. One big thing that was mentioned towards the end was to make your own videos, but nobody really went deeper into the subject.

The game-dev YouTube scene is massive, but there are only a few Roblox ones. I am subscribed to 40+ game-dev YouTubers, and although many have left the scene over the years, I can say that only 4 or so are Roblox based. There are the big ones like AlvinBlox and TheDevKing, but there are some great smaller ones too like MangoDev.

Also, I have yet to see a YouTuber make a system for developers to get into contact properly. I’d love to see a developer program from YouTubers, just like how some developers have a YouTuber program. The closest thing is messaging someone or emailing them, but that isn’t really a great way of doing things.

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Is amazing that content developers and game developers can work together to created and developed ideas and new events for our community! I want to see more of this.

I was thinking, could you make these videos a podcast on Spotify, or another platform? It helps some people listen to it who have trouble finding time right now. I think it would be cool and helpful to many devs. Similar to how beyond the blox does it!


I tthink this can help me with development.

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Its very nice Developers X Content Creators.

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This is super cool, and marketing is extremely important in game development. It doesn’t matter how good your game is if nobody knows about it, and this talk definitely helped gain a better understanding of how to design your game to cater to creators.

Also, for any developer reading this, my biggest tip would be to start posting content for your game. Don’t underestimate TikTok. I’ve been posting community clips of my game Navy Simulator to tiktok for the past 3 months and we’ve amassed almost 12 million views for #navysimulator without spending a penny. Very worthwhile for a developer that may have a smaller advertising budget.


wow, thats amazing! everyone is proud of this one

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Wrote some notes, just thought it’d be good to share.
Search for creative ideas
Streams are generally planned
If it’s not new content, look for a twist

What games are good?
Is it fun to stream? Is it fun to play?
Does the audience enjoy it?
Harder games are either hit or miss. Engagement needs to be really high.

Tools that youtuber ecosystems like

  • Remove the HUD, music
  • Provide youtubers with loot boxes (example 100 eggs- unboxing they don’t need to pay for)
  • Early Access to updates
  • Anonymous features (Hide nametag/play session etc)
  • Whitelisting/Blacklisting players in session
  • Thumbnail bait

Tools that streamers like

  • Live Events (RTE/Metaverse content)
    Jailbreak made a nuke in their game. It exploded at the end of a timer (globally synced)
  • Don’t make buggy games they ruin tempo
  • Game needs high intensity moments
  • Private Servers : Tools to remove/avoid hackers

Why watch streamers?
It’s fun to watch people of a different skill level to you.
People are funny.

Development Side
Wonder Works Studios reached out to KreekCraft to collaborate based on a video series of KreekCraft.
Kreek wanted to get into development - enjoyed contributing to design process.
Add collectability, progression needs to be easily laid out to the viewer so they can have more grip.
Retention based content like a Battle Pass is good for content production when no updates are oncoming release.
Secret puzzles are easy to add and can keep players engaged for multiple days trying to solve it and the potential of other subsequent items.
Sponsored Ad Tiles have decreased in performance over the last few years after being compact into only one sort. They are still valuable to put in a baseline of revenue but it’s important that you instead collaborate with influencers to try produce content advertising. Simply, don’t rely on a single platform for advertising. Advertising is a compounding effect.
Run a hype campaign on game/update releases. Send out cryptic messages, codes, etc.
For seasonal content updates, release fairly early before the content update and fit the content climax around the event.
Margin your content, if you have a large update. Release it 60/40, where 60% is released on the first day and 40% is released week by week until the next update is ready.
Grow your own audience. Release trailers, videos on the development process.

Scope your game by your target audience. Incredibly important.
People want to play the game alongside KreekCraft, as well as alongside any releases
Content is episode based
Mysteries and theories are included to increase play and view retention
Content is familiar to players (ideas from existing media)
Mechanics were developed alongside the in-house Narrative design.
Avoid feature creep. Just release your game, first.

YouTube Advice
Don’t take yourself too seriously.
Go with the flow of your audience. Even if you like a game, your audience has to enjoy it as well.
Be able to admit when you make a bad video idea. Lots of mistakes will be made.
Short-form Video content is not good for transforming to visitors.

What is fair compensation for making a video?
No monetary reward: Give items, rewards, coins, giveaway codes.
Monetary reward: Link to partnership instead.
Lots of growing influencers will take up non-monetary promotions. Work on economies of scale!
If you want to work on a fixed budget, consider sharing it in the promotional campaign. Example, have 100k R$? Run a 100k R$ tournament and focus on organising influencer participants instead.

How can influencers and developers work better together?
Create a communication channel. Reach out via Email, Discord, Twitter.
Produce an ecosystem for your influencers. Youtubers need to be enabled to continually produce content on your game. If they link towards your game, give them some rewards, or features they request.
Reach out to influencers relevant to your demographic.
Reach out to YouTubers when you can make a demo. Early and often is good, there needs to be meat on the bone.
Youtubers, link the games you play!
Influencers will basically absorb their entire communities information, and can share bugs, missing features, complaints to developers. Work symbiotically.


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