Level Up UI/UX Roundtable ft. Outlaster Team

Hi developers,

In Level Up roundtable events, top Roblox developers discuss the game design best practices that contribute to their enduring success on the platform. Come learn from the experience of these developers and apply their insights to your own projects!

Join Roblox’s game designer Dan Spaventa on the topic of UI/UX with Peak Precision Studios - the team behind Outlaster! They’ll be covering common UX principles, the importance and benefits of spending time developing your UI/UX, and how to build for multi-platform support.


Watch the Roundtable with Peak Precision Studios

and meet the team below!

About Peak Precision Studios

Peak Precision Studios is a group dedicated to powering imagination for the future of Roblox. Through the hard work of our development team, we strive to create games that leave lasting impressions on our players.


Meet the Team!


Dexter / GodzGalaxy - Builder, Art Director, Designer

I’m Dexter, better known as GodzGalaxy on Roblox; I am a builder, art director, 3D modeler, and designer on the platform. I joined around 2013, but didn’t start fully developing until 2016 where I co-founded Peak Precision Studios and released a couple competitive spoof games that became front page hits. My studio and I are currently working on the sequels to our earlier projects: Eviction Notice (2018) and Outlaster (2020), which have collectively accumulated over 170 million play sessions, 800,000 favorites, and have been nominated and recognized in numerous Roblox events and awards.


Bella / theloudscream - Designer

I’m Bella, otherwise known as theloudscream on Roblox and I’m a designer for Peak Precision Studios and Cinder Studio. Previously have contributed to games such as Outlaster, Eviction Notice, and many many more. Also got the amazing opportunity to work on a few Roblox events such as the Ready Player Two Event, Metaverse Champions, and a few others. Previously interned twice at Roblox for the Accelerator Program, which allowed me to connect and expand with developers while also expanding my skill set (shoutout Christian). Currently, I’m working full-time at Cinder Studio on the Roblox High School 2 Graduation update and many other amazing opportunities


Logan / Repotted - Lead Developer

I’m Logan, or Repotted on Roblox. I’m a lead developer for everything at Peak Precision, most notably with Outlaster and Eviction Notice. I specialize primarily in programming and UI/UX design. I’ve been making experiences on Roblox for 8 years, and recently have gotten the opportunity to turn it into my full-time job. I’ve also been able to intern at Roblox and participate in some sitewide events, most recently with the Metaverse Champions.


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It sure was fun attending it, I hope you guys will continue to host these type of events!


This is what I am talking about! More of these pls


Can wait to watch another level up roundtable, I always feel I left with extra knowledge than when I started. I’m very sure that these video assist young developers (like me) progress and learn much valued information.


Guess we upgraded our Roblox to the maximum! Cannot wait to see more!!


Not even kidding, when I first woke up I thought the title said Roblox Linux Distribution now available lol

Great choice this time around! Outlaster is a great game!
At least my prediction was wrong

prediction quote

Roblox Linux distribution would be cool

And this helped me so much to learn how can I improve my UI/UX


Even though I’m late, I’m very excited to watch it!

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Its cool to see these events, and experiences levelling up

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it could level up outlaster team would be cool see experiences this helped