Leviathan Axe from God of War [Exact Replica]

An exact remodel of the leviathan Axe from God of War.
One of the iconic weapons which belonged to Kratos.
Triangles: 1,5k


1.5K triangles HOLY DAMN! amazing work chief, truely amazing… however…

I can only imagine the memory the texture uses up lol


I have unwrapped the whole thing onto one single UV, which means only one texture face. I am pretty sure that fixes the performance issue :happy2:. And thank you for the positive response, I appreciate it.


Damn. That’s really really good. Good job! :smiley:

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Looks pretty realistic but I wonder how the lag would be if that would be in a rblx game.

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I don’t think the lag would be that bad since it’s only 1.5K tris which is pretty low-poly

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Damn dude! You are either hired or just have been hired cause thats God tier developing skills ya got.

I’m a huge fan of good looking optimized work!


This Is an amazing model, As a beginner may I ask you see the amounts of triangles your model has? Its not showing up at the bottom of the tab for me. Thanks in advance!

That’s a cool model with a really good texture for rolblox, good job!

its 1.5k one thousand and five hundred sir.

Really amazing work, how long did it take to complete the model?

It took me about 40 minutes, worked slow to be honest.

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Dang, 40 minutes is SLOW? Must be really experienced, amazing job on it. I bet you could make a well doing game with models like this.

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Would actually turn out as something okay, but GOW is a hard theme to make a game on :see_no_evil:

Holy crap! I never seen so detailed model!

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Doesnt lag at all since it just has 1500 triangles. Its very low poly.

1.5k triangles??!!!


Do you think you can use it without it breaking?

Hey, I have already imported it into the studio as one single mesh and it works perfectly fine without any broken faces. So to your question, yes I am already using it without any issues.

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SICK! Thats actually amazing. Nice job, looks exactly like the original!

Thank you very much, I have given it some attention while making it and the result was pretty cool.