Leviathans Law 2020

Leviathans Law.

Reborn, our fire rises.

We are Dark Leviathans.

A clan of versatile warriors fighting for a greater purpose. We are not limited nor defined by any existing genres or past precedents. We are open to all possibilities, paths and potentials. We follow a code of honor and remain true to ourselves.

The name Dark Leviathans shall be honored and eternally remembered.

We are flame and fire. We serve no one. We bow to no one.

We are the new Dark Leviathans.


Dark Leviathans Roblox: Dark Leviathans - Roblox

Dark Leviathans Gaming Youtube Channel: Dark Leviathans Gaming - YouTube

Original Leviathans Roblox: Leviathans - Roblox

Leviathans Gaming Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdMH6C3pU_x_bUIcS3bpgqQ

Make sure you expand the drop downs and read all information below. These laws apply to everyone.

  • Be honorable, honest, dedicated, hard working, courageous and strong.

  • No traitorous lowly conduct. This includes spying, lying, infiltrating, plotting or taking revenge, cheating of any kind, antagonizing, backstabbing, disruption and general dishonest and dishonorable behavior. This is the number one offense in Dark Leviathans and will not be tolerated.

  • Good communication. Speak clearly and directly and use proper spelling and grammar. Always inform the high ranks of your intentions and plans before you act on them. Good communication skills are always paramount.

  • No immature or childish behavior.

  • No spamming.

  • No begging for Robux, promotions or anything else. Beggars will not be tolerated.

  • No incessant complaining.

  • No advertising or promoting. You may share and show off creations of your with the clan, but you are not allowed to use this for free advertising. If you want us to feature something you made, then you must contact an HR so that they can determine whether or not this can be done. Not all of these requests will be accepted.

  • No using your alternate accounts to join the group in order to claim they’re recruitments to try and get a promotion.

  • No sudden abandoning the group without explanation. If you can no longer be a part of Dark
    Leviathans then you may communicate this to a superior and then you will be allowed to leave. We understand that things in life change and that you cannot always be forever active and dedicated to online communities.

  • No exploiting or hacking of any kind anywhere.

Roblox Rankup Requirements:
  • Become a member of both Leviathans and Dark Leviathans and read the Leviathans Law.

  • Be mature, respectful, truthful, honorable, trustworthy and show dedication to Dark Leviathans.

  • Complete the Prime Course training course featured in the DL group games.

  • Purchase at least one full set of one of the Dark Leviathans Armor Uniforms.

  • Recruit new members, invite your friends, spread the word and gather new people to join our new society.

  • Attend Dark Leviathans meetings, training sessions and events.

  • The longer you’ve been in Dark Leviathans, the better it is for potential promotions.

  • Work hard and you will be rewarded.

  • You will be promoted when the time is right. Once you have proven yourself and completed these tasks, you will be tested at some point and then if you pass, you will be promoted.

  • Once you reach the mid-ranks, you will need to be well trusted and very dedicated to Dark Leviathans to receive further promotions.

  • High ranks all must have contributed greatly to the group for long periods of time before they become a high rank.

  • All high ranks must know and work with the clan leader.

  • Every individual will have to overcome a different and unique trial for each high rank promotion.

  • You may not inquire as to what these trials are or when they begin; you may not even know that they are happening. Simply do your best and do not give up.

Thank you for reading Leviathans Law. Now get out there and rise!

Long live Leviathans and Dark Leviathans!