Levity - New Obby game

Hello! How are you all?

I just uploaded a game called Levity which is a self generating obby. I would like to thank @28Y8 for his hard work to make a self generating obby/script. I used his game but I did make some changes… like the background, sky, and icons…

Game: Levity Obby - Roblox
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By the way, I’m also making a FPS game which is called ZEAL. (This FPS game is not copied! It’s my own game and I’m making it by myself).

Check the updatelog and game!!

Game: [BETA] Zeal - Roblox
Updatelog: Zeal - Updatelog #2
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I Playing game and yes it’s a simple generic obby.

My recommendations are that you change the cover of the game, it looks very sustained for an obby, try to make something more striking for the children by adding more color.

The checkpoints are sometimes confusing because of the color, I thank you for seeing arrows placed above them.

At some point the stages became repetitive, but honestly they were something different from the other obbys

In conclusion you could improve by adding a bit of variety in the stages and improve the cover to something more striking. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Yes, because the game is self generated, so it generates similar obby’s, frequently… and by the way, check out the other game, called Zeal. I’m sure that you will like it!!

It is an AI game where you fight with AI soldiers instead of real players. (You can fight with real players also). The game is still in Beta version so I did not add the AI soldiers. But you can follow and like the game to get updates about the game whenever I update it!!

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