Liberty Ville Update Log

Welcome to Liberty Ville!

An upcoming building simulation game by the same creators of Liberty Oasis & Liberty Island.


Main Developers:

@Skyranis - Lead Developer & Scripter for Liberty Ville
@HeshNull - Modeling Department


@perrosodiaco - Translator For Liberty Ville & Liberty Oasis!

@So1esurvivor - Former Modeling Lead for Liberty Ville


February 5, 2022: Resizing? Rescaling to be added?
We have worked on many things today, we have worked on getting resizing added for all objects, we are starting to actually show how creative you can get with your builds. Just a note, we will have it where you can set the height manually with just a number, but for right now we don’t, so no build will be the exact same.

January 2, 2022: First Update of the Year
We have worked to fix many glitches and bugs, there are a few new things. You won’t be able to place objects outside the barrier anymore, and objects that were already placed outside the barrier will be removed. We also have improved our environment. Also making it so you can de-select items that you place, just by clicking the item again.

November 4, 2021: Development Resumes
We have stopped development a week to 2 weeks before the outage occurred, and now we have great news! Officially we are continuing development. We also posted a new video today.
The Liberty Ville Project: Money & Better Datastore (part 6) - YouTube

November 2, 2021: New Datastore Update
Liberty Ville just got a datastore update, previously we were using the plain-old datastore that roblox has, we have switched to a more smoother and more efficient datastore program (datastore2), and it loads everything quickly and silently.

See More Info On Datastore2 Here!

October 25, 2021: New Walls
Liberty Ville is back up in development, and is going strong. We have fixed up our datastores to function more smoothly with loading plots.

Earlier we had different object placement:

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